Powerbaba is a team which delivers diesel to your doorstep for your generators and vehicles etc. you can call the customer service number to place order or place the request online. There are no restrictions on the quantity of diesel you can order and it will be delivered through scheduled delivery or ondemand (express) delivery.

  • You choose the brand of diesel provider. Let us know the time, date and location for immediate delivery (express delivery/ondemand delivery) or you can simply go for scheduled delivery.
  • We'll have our professional servicemen pickup diesel with the right quantity requested from the brand suggested.
  • You'll receive the diesel through the scheduled delivery or express delivery with payment options from Cash, Card, Paytm, Google pay, Phone pe etc. along with the receipt.

Scheduled delivery of diesel happens when you place the order for a particular date, time and location. This will help you save money and avoid a scenario of not filling the diesel ontime to your generator/vehicles. Express delivery is simply an ondemand for us to deliver the diesel anywhere and anytime.

We deliver diesel for your generator and vehicles. Nothing more.

There are no additional cost for diesel, it is the same as you buying from any petrol bunk, plus, regular delivery charges are applicable depending on the location, time and quantity.

You can simply call our customer service (88841-44444) or place a request online

You can cancel the order anytime before 30 mins of delivery time in case of scheduled or express delivery. Else, standard charges will be applicable.

PowerBaba provides uninterrupted 24/7 generator refueling services for over 2 million residential and commercial complexes facing power supply interruptions.

Users often carry jerry cans or barrels to fuel stations, posing safety risks during the transportation of diesel to generator sites.

Yes, PowerBaba ensures convenient and timely fuel delivery to generators powering apartments, business tech parks, malls, banks, hotels, mobile towers, and hospitals across Bengaluru.

PowerBaba offers direct refueling into generators, eliminating the necessity for users to store fuel in cans or barrels for future use.

PowerBaba utilizes nozzles for direct generator refueling, providing a zero-spill guarantee to customers.

By offering on-site refueling, PowerBaba helps customers eliminate the risk of fuel theft during the transportation of fuel from stations to generator sites.

Yes, PowerBaba's on-site refueling services include an interactive dashboard for customers to monitor fuel consumption for each generator, facilitating budgeting for multiple locations.

Customers can pay directly to PowerBaba for all their refueling needs, reducing the risk of misuse of cash or fleet cards at fuel stations.

PowerBaba eliminates the need for manual reconciliation of refueling records, saving customers a significant amount of time, especially for companies managing extensive fleets across India.

By providing direct and efficient refueling services, PowerBaba helps minimize the environmental impact associated with traditional fuel transportation methods.

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