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Account for everything with no fuel theft from anybody during the transport.

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No more waiting in the long queue, our experienced service men deliver fast & on time.

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Powerbaba will supply diesel at your required date and time from your preferred brand of diesel provider. Plus, up can pause or change anytime.

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Using our on-site refueling service means you won’t have the maintenance, reconciliation and costs that on-site storage requires. Remember you can reduce downtime and overtime management.

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PowerBaba will share with you detail report of your fuel consumption report used per generator, vehicle, machinery and the fuel price per litre.

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Fleet fuelling and generator refueling periodically can be a time consuming activity. PowerBaba picks up diesel from authorized dealers of oil companies and thereby avoiding long queues hassle at fuel stations. PowerBaba delivers diesel to your schedule, not ours!

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Effortless refueling is PowerBaba's mission. We would like to help you manage generator, fleet, machinery refueling and take care of the process of refueling. Save time with mobile refueling from PowerBaba.

Buy diesel online

Eliminate the challenges of on-site fuel storage. Increase fleet and driver productivity by ensuring your vehicles and equipment are fuelled and ready to go when the workday starts. PowerBaba deliver during daytime, evenings, night or on weekends.

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